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Cambelt Specialists in Cranbrook

Cambelt specialists providing all aspects of cambelt services such as repairs and replacements throughout Cranbrook and Sissinghurst areas.

Does my cambelt need replacing?

In most cases a cambelt should be replaced between 40,000 miles and up to 100,000 miles or from four years up to around six years. If you book a service with Cranbrook Cars we can determine the right time when your cambelt should be replaced.

Costs of cambelt repairs / replacements

If you are looking to have your cambelt replaced the costs can vary depending on the vehicle and who you choose to make the replacement. Replacing a broken timing belt can cost up to £1500 or more because the cambelt can also cause problems to other parts such as valves, pistons and water pumps.

Does my car have a cambelt? its a diesel?

We cannot talk about every diesel engine out there but there a large majority of them have timing chains, some examples are:

  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • Honda
  • KIA

What are the signs of a bad cambelt / timing belt?

Some of the ways you will notice your timing belt is about to go are:

  • Engine misfires
  • Engine smoke
  • Bad oil pressure
  • Broken pistons and / or valves
  • Bad idling of the engine

What happens if the cambelt / timing chain breaks?

If your timing belt snaps it can cause issues with other parts of the vehicle, it is possible no other damage to components in your vehicle are affected but sometimes they can run into each other causing bent valves, cylinder head or camshaft damage and piston / cylinder damage.

Can I drive with a bad timing belt?

If your vehicles cambelt / timing chain is worn you could possible cause catastrophic engine damage. A worn timing belt could impact the engine's fire rate.

If you have more questions about cambelts / timing chains or just want to get the job done and get back on the round, please get in touch with Cranbrook Cars. We have specialists ready and waiting to carryout the work and get you back on the road.

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